Judy Neher

Judy Neher is a Certified Scrum Trainer (CST) and Agile coach who has been passionately transforming software teams from traditional development practices to Agile practices for the last 14 years. Judy has had more than 29 years of experience with the Federal Government (hence her keen interest in Agile security!) as a mathematician, computer scientist, and traditional software manager, ultimately embracing Agile practices as an Agile coach, trainer, and leader in 2001. Additionally, she has lent her experience to many major commercial organizations where she has had the privilege of helping shape major Agile transformations.    She has worked with more than 75 development teams, both small and extremely large, and learns something with every experience.

Judy is president/CEO of Celerity, a small, woman-owned Agile training and coaching firm based in Indiana.  When Judy isn’t sharing her Scrum passion with teams, she is enjoying the company of her large family, including her husband Chris, and their six children (ages 23 to 12).   As a family, they enjoy boating, running, traveling, and big family dinners. 

Hubert Smits

Hubert Smits is an innovative, assertive and goal oriented Agile Consultant, Coach and Trainer with a track record of success spearheading Enterprise level Agile and Lean enablement efforts. As the lead consultant at Cisco Voice Technology, he designed and implemented the Agile Software Development Life Cycle, replacing multi-year waterfall processes with iterative product development cycles. More than 3,000 participants in product development, including executives, product managers, program managers and development teams moved into their Scrum roles and processes.

Hubert’s customers and successes include global companies like Oracle, Avaya, BMC Software, AOL, Fender, General Electric, Amdocs, Cisco and Compete. He has a track record of working with globally distributed teams, and has trained and coached teams in India, Argentina, Israel and Europe.

Current research topics include Scrum for Hardware & Scrum for Manufacturing and People & Psychology in Scrum.